The Iron Works


In 1922, Cape Town built its first Iron Works on one of the city’s most historically iconic streets – Victoria Road. As a result of the buildings’ prime location and the fact that it is a fine example of the industrial architecture of that era, it has been listed as a historically significant building worthy of protection.

Our brief was to convert the existing building into a mixed-use hub, with retail spaces at street level, parking and office space occupying the floors above it, and the newly developed four storey, 138-unit upmarket residential section finishing off the building’s rejuvenation.

In order not to compete with the building’s original three storey facade, the new residential addition is set back from the street edge – treated monochromatically in an attempt to complement, and draw more attention to, the original red brick base. Currently, the existing building is one of the only breaks in the retail strip along Victoria road.  The revived retail component, however, offers a continuation of the retail strip by utilising the street edge for a deli and a fresh produce market that opens up directly onto Victoria Road.

Project Status: Construction Completed 2019